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2020.59 Release

  • Updated


No shiny new features this past sprint. We focused on improving the integrations, the platform backend, and bug fixes.



  • Delete orphaned inline policy entities when the IAM group or user is deleted
  • Redact ENV variable values in lambda function rawdata


  • Added azure_monitor_log_profile entities
  • Added azure_subscription|has|azure_monitor_log_profile relationships
  • Added azure_monitor_log_profile|uses|azure_storage_account relationships
  • Added encryption.keySource and encryption.keyVaultProperties to the azure_storage_account entity
  • Added allowBlobPublicAccess to the azure_storage_account entity
  • Added azure_storage_account|uses|azure_keyvault_service relationship


  • Use id property for bamboohr_user._key instead of email, which can be null
  • Added supervisor property to employee entities
  • Map bamboohr_user.supervisor value to Person.manager property


  • Improved reporting of job error messages


  • Improved reporting of Fastly API errors


  • Execution history is used to ingest host scans/findings since last successful execution
  • Application, Host, and Finding entities ingested in previous executions are no longer deleted


  • Improved handling of intermittent Slack API errors

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved tooltip description of requirement/control status in the Compliance app

  • Added a short status note related to the requirement/control evidence testing in the requirement/control details view

  • Fixed an UI issue in Users and Access view, where clicking the add user icon did not switch to the correct tab in the group

  • Fixed tooltips for edit and share buttons on question results

  • Improved responsiveness of legends in Insights chart widgets so that the legend shrinks accordingly when the widget size is reduced

  • Show historic data (instead of latest data) in the property panel when an entity is selected from an alert result

  • Fixed an UI issue with query results overflowing in some cases

  • Improved performance for the Compliance standard page

  • Fixed an issue where Insights graph widget would fail to load data occasionally

  • Fixed an issue where the users menu was too small to scroll in the user management page for small/low-res screen sizes

  • Fixed an issue where the navigation and toolbar (neckbar) was hidden on the Compliance overview page


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