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2021.63 Release

  • Updated


Lots of focus on bug fixes this sprint.

New Features

  • Added new collapsed state to the menu/navigation panel on the left side of the Insights and Compliance apps. This provides clearer visual of the additional dashboards, benchmarks, compliance standards, and security questionnaires that are available in the app.


  • Improved query results UI so that they now use more of the available white space on the page


Integrations SDK

  • Fixed DuplicateKeyTracker to support millions of keys
  • Fixed CLI execution to support an integration configuration that skips writing to disk (advanced feature)
  • Integration configuration values have whitespace trimmed to avoid surprising errors


  • Substantially reduced memory usage in ECR step to avoid crashing integration execution for large numbers of findings
  • Fixed some error handling that obscured root cause messages

Google Workspaces

  • Added --skip-project-id [projectId] option to jupiterone-organization-setup script


  • Fetching knowledge base vulnerabilities using concurrency headers from Qualys server responses
  • Mock Qualys server enforces concurrency limits in vulnerabilities endpoint
  • Mock Qualys server answers vulnerabilities that have CVEs and some that don't
  • Enable ingestion of Finding - IS -> Vulnerability mapped relationships
  • Fixed bug in QID -> finding key tracking that kept the program from associating all findings to their vulnerabilities


  • Added to support mapping to Person entities

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with editing compliance reviews when an assigned user no longer existed in the organization
  • Fixed an issue where CSV download of assets would fail
  • Fixed an issue where "Find related" / "Find similar" action from an entity property would navigate users to /home instead of /landing
  • Fixed an issue where compliance/policy mappings were not able to be viewed or edited
  • Fixed an issue where "Users & Access" would crash under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a JSON file to import Insights dashboards would fail
  • Fixed an issue where the updatedOn field was not properly updating for policies and procedures in the graph
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by severity in the Alerts app would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where compliance questionnaire items could not be answered or edited
  • Fixed an issue where compliance items could not be marked as “Not applicable”
  • Fixed an issue where policy document links would open a new tab instead of navigating to the relevant policy document in the app
  • Fixed an issue where updating policy/procedure metadata could cause potential metadata loss
  • Fixed an issue where inventory table rows would grow in size to be too large when a large amount of text was provided
  • Fixed an issue where alert rule icons size was skewed
  • Fixed an issue to remove trailing slashes on the end of the URL for certain app routes
  • Fixed an issue where non admin users could see a 400 error when running a query

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