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The following entities are created:

Resources Entity _type Entity _class
ADO Project azure_devops_project Project
ADO Team azure_devops_team UserGroup
ADO User azure_devops_user User
ADO WorkItem azure_devops_work_item Record
Azure Devops Account azure_devops_account Account


The following relationships are created/mapped:

Source Entity _type Relationship _class Target Entity _type
azure_devops_account HAS azure_devops_project
azure_devops_account HAS azure_devops_team
azure_devops_account HAS azure_devops_user
azure_devops_project HAS azure_devops_team
azure_devops_project HAS azure_devops_work_item
azure_devops_team HAS azure_devops_user
azure_devops_user ASSIGNED azure_devops_work_item
azure_devops_user CREATED azure_devops_work_item


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