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Check out our JupiterOne video gallery for numerous videos on tips + tricks using J1 in variety of use cases.

Examining your AWS environment:

  1. Examine public EC2 instances
  2. Interrogate a CDN
  3. Unencrypted S3 buckets containing CloudTrail logs
  4. Unapproved AMIs
  5. Unvalidated external trusts
  6. Access permissions

Governance, risk, compliance (GRC), e.g., SOC 2:

  1. Managing GRC with JupiterOne
  2. Workflow functionality within the Compliance app
  3. Evidence collection in the Compliance app
  4. Methods for customized evidence collection
  5. Mapping policies + procedures to compliance framework controls/requirements

Insights dashboards

  1. Insights overview/quick start
  2. Creating custom Insights dashboards
  3. Creating custom widgets for dashboards
  4. [AWS-specific dashboards]()
  5. [General security dashboards]()

And much more!



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