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2021.68 Release

  • Updated


New Features and Improvements

  • Error reporting is now more accurate to help us be aware of when customers run into issues and where those issues are located

  • Cursors/Pagination are now used with query results and the graph viewer to improve load times

  • Compliance evidence uploads now allow you to rename & remove files from the evidence prior to uploading them

  • Added additional guidance and information to the prompt a user gets when completing the "Fast Track" for an integration

  • Improved the visuals of the "Account Usage" screen where there is now a higher contrast between the lines + labels and the background

  • Added an "X" for exiting the modals more easily when mapping policies & controls, editing a question, or initializing the policies app



  • Added support for S3 Event Notifciations:

    • Added notificationEnabled boolean property to aws_s3_bucket

    • Added aws_s3_event_notification relationships:

    • aws_s3_bucket NOTIFIES aws_lambda_fuction

    • aws_s3_bucket NOTIFIES aws_sqs_queue

    • aws_s3_bucket NOTIFIES aws_sns_topic


  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    • Entities

    • azure_monitor_activity_log_alert

    • azure_postgresql_server_firewall_rule

    • azure_security_center_subscription_pricing

    • azure_sql_server_active_directory_admin

    • azure_vm_extension

    • Relationships

    • azure_subscription_contains_role_definition

    • azure_monitor_activity_log_alert_monitors_scope

    • azure_vm|USES|azure_storage_account

  • Added additional properties to secureTransport:

    • azure_sql_server
    • azure_mariadb_server
    • azure_mysql_server
    • azure_postgresql_server
  • Added additional properties to azure_sql_server:

    • encryptionProtector.serverKeyName
    • encryptionProtector.serverKeyType
  • Added additional properties to azure_postgresql_server:

    • configuration.logCheckpoints
    • configuration.logConnections
    • configuration.logDisconnections
    • configuration.logRetentionDays
    • configuration.connectionThrottling
  • Added log categories to azure_diagnostic_settings for these entities:

    • azure_subscription

    • log.Administrative

    • log.Alert

    • log.Policy

    • log.Security

    • azure_keyvault_service

    • log.AuditEvent

  • Changed to use shortDescription.solution instead of name because name returned from the Azure API is a UUID.

  • Changed the way that Diagnostic Settings are ingested. Previously, each log and metric enumerated within a Diagnostic Settings Resource was created as its own entity. This change creates a single azure_diagnostic_setting entity, which contains all logs and metrics in raw data. Special logs and metrics can be exposed as properties on the azure_diagnostic_setting entity.


  • Moved from deprecated teams APIs to workspaces APIs. This was necessary to support new BB accounts that do not have the ability to enable teams APIs in OAuth Consumers. The ingested data has been changed:

    Old type New type
    bitbucket_team bitbucket_workspace
    bitbucketteamhas_user bitbucketworkspacehas_user
    bitbucketteamowns_repo bitbucketworkspaceowns_repo
    bitbucketteamowns_project bitbucketworkspaceowns_project

    Please note that this is implemented as the creation of the new bitbucket_workspace entity and relationships and the deletion of the old bitbucket_team entity and relationships. Queries that depended on those type values must be updated.

Google Cloud

  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources

    Service Resource / Entity
    Redis google_redis_instance
    Memcache google_memcache_instance

Google Workspaces

  • Support for ingesting the following new resources

    • Groups

    • google_group_settings

    • google_group HAS google_group_settings

    A Google Workspace administrator must authorize domain wide delegation to the JupiterOne Service Account for the scope Please see the updated integration setup guide for details.


  • The value of the Qualys HostAsset.fqdn is now normalized with toLowerCase(). The value is stored in Finding.targets and as Host.fqdn. This supports mapping rules that work by finding matching values.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the landing app would fetch query results from the cache as opposed to the server
  • Modified the account creation flow so it will provide a more useful error when an account with a given name already exists
  • Resolved an issue where a user's token would occasionally not refresh correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the graph viewer was unable to be loaded from with a compliance requirement/control's evidence viewer
  • Resolved an issue where RBAC settings were not available
  • Resolved an issue where clicking the "Add query to insights" was not operating as expected
  • Downloading a query result as JSON now opens the results in a new tab as opposed to using the current tab
  • Resolved an issue where newline characters were allowed in a requirement/control's ref and ended up causing some problems with the app
  • Custom properties in the edit page for an entity now show up as expected
  • Resolved an issue where hubspot leads were sent with the First/Last name flipped
  • Fixed an issue where the integrations page would have a double scroll bar in certain scenarios
  • Boolean values will now show up in the label for a pie chart's sections
  • Query names now correctly appear in hover tooltips on insights charts as opposed to the default query 1, query 2 etc.
  • Resolved an issue where trailing whitespace would cause the policies + procedures app to be unable to load a given item

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