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Query User Enriched or Modified Data

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JupiterOne allows users to enrich or add properties to a resource. JupiterOne also allows you to modify the existing properties of a resource.

Add enriched and modified properties

Enrich a resource's properties in the UI

Let's take the example of our needing to classify all of our organization's resources for compliance reasons. To start, let's run a query to determine which of our resources do not already have a classification property defined.

Find * with classification=undefined or classification=''

You can now enrich the classification property in the UI for each of the resources returned by following these steps:

  1. Select the entity from the list of results
  2. Click on the three vertical dots to access settings
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Enter a value under Classification
  5. Click Save



TIP Keep in mind that when you enrich/modify a property in JupiterOne, these changes are only reflected in JupiterOne, and not to the properties of a entity at the source. It is recommended to make changes at the data source when possible.

Modify a resource's properties in the UI

Let's take a different example of needing to modify the display name of a resource because the name displayed in the JupiterOne graph view does not provide helpful context.

  1. Select the entity from the list of results
  2. Click on the three vertical dots to access settings

From here, there are 2 ways to modify a resource's properties:

  1. Toggle properties that have a true or false value


  1. Click on Edit -> Select Custom Properties -> Edit the value next to @displayName-value -> Click Save


Query for enriched and modified properties

J1QL (JupiterOne Query Language) uses the @ prefix to query for any property that has been manually enriched/modified. Let's take this example:

Find * with 
  [@classification]!=undefined or 

If an @ property exists, this means that manual edit has been done to the property.

TIP The [] must be used when querying with special characters like @.

Reset the value of enriched or modified properties

When you are viewing the properties of an entity, edited properties will have either an Enriched banner or a Modified banner next to them. If the original value of the property was undefined or null, the property will be flagged as Enriched. Otherwise, the property is flagged as Modified.

If the property had an original value from a JupiterOne managed integration, when you hover over the chip, you will see the original value in a tooltip.


In both instances, you can reset the property to the original value by clicking on the horizontal dots, and selecting Reset Value. This will remove the modified banner.



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