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2021.69 Release

  • Updated


New Features and Improvements

  • Made the "Add new dashboard" to Insights view more clear by removing checkboxes (the view is single select, not multi select).

  • Made the alerts app sort by severity when it is loaded.

  • Added a minimum height to compliance evidence query results.

  • Display "considerations" when available, in the editing view of a procedure in the Policies app.

  • Also updated all existing procedures to have considerations if available from the templates.



  • Added an option to auto-configure additional integrations for each subscription in a directory/tenant that does not have a "JupiterOne" tag set to "SKIP". Find this setting on the integration instance that you have configured to ingest Active Directory data from Azure.

  • Added the enabled property to azure_security_center_setting entities.

  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    Security Center azure_security_center_setting
    Security Center azure_security_center_auto_provisioning_setting
    Policy azure_policy_definition
    Policy azure_policy_set_definition

  • Only ingest an entity for the subscription identified by the subscriptionId config field. Previously, the integration would create an entity for every subscription, though none of the resources would be ingested. This new behavior limits the scope to the subscription defined by subscriptionId.

  • Fixed fetch errors related to fetching storage accounts when they do not support file and blob resources.

  • Improved error messaging when Directory.Read.All permission is not present and config.ingestActiveDirectory=true.

  • Fixed DuplicateKeyErrors errors on azure_vm_uses_storage_account when multiple data disks point to the same storage account.


Initial release of integration (beta)! 🎉

  • Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.


  • Fixed failure to complete ingestion for some large Gitlab accounts by moving to latest infrastructure.

Google Cloud

  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    API Gateway google_api_gateway_api
    Certificate Authority google_privateca_certificate_authority
    Cloud Functions google_cloud_function USES google_iam_service_account
    Spanner google_spanner_instance

  • Remove ingestion of raw data from google_compute_instance as it can contain a significant amount of data


  • Fixed a regression that prevented connections to Jamf servers running on port 8443.


  • Added additional properties to discovered_host Host mapped entities:

    • tags: Simple Qualys asset tag values (i.e. tags: ["Cloud Agent"])
  • Added additional properties to aws_instance Host mapped entities:

    • tag.*: Named tag properties from EC2 instance (i.e. tag.Owner = "value")
    • tags: Simple Qualys asset tag values (i.e. tags: ["Cloud Agent"])
    • qualysFirstDiscoveredOn
    • qualysLastUpdatedOn
    • accountId
    • region
    • state
    • reservationId
    • availabilityZone
    • subnetId
    • vpcId
    • instanceId
    • instanceType
    • imageId
    • privateDnsName
    • publicDnsName
    • publicIpAddress
  • Added Vulnerability.qid to support mapping TheatIntel.vulnId === Vulnerability.qid. Note that ThreatIntel.vulnId must be of type number for the mapping to function. A Qualys detection may be associated with many CVEs. These detections become entities having { _class: 'Vulnerability', _type: 'cve', id: 'CVE-ID-HERE', qid: 123456 }. When there are no CVEs associated with the detection, entities are produced as { _class: 'Vulnerability', _type: 'qualys_vuln', id: '123456', qid: 123456 }. All id properties are intended to be String values; qid is a number to reflect the type of the value from the source, supporting queries such as find Vulnerabilty with qid=123456.

  • Fixed missing _key on aws_instance Host mapped entities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where full screen graph viewer didn't work properly in insights
  • Resolved an issue where the graph viewer would leave a blank space at the bottom of the question results container
  • Fixed an issue where a new insights board could not be selected
  • Fixed an issue where the compliance onboarding modal would incorrectly route when you close the modal
  • Fixed an issue where the CREATEJIRATICKET would save the incorrect format when configuring a rule action
  • Fixed an issue where invalid characters were preventing the import of certain compliance standards
  • Fixed an issue where the asset inventory would show "No Data" instead of a loading indicator
  • Fixed an issue where a question with invalid syntax would cause an unhelpful and un-descriptive error message to appear
  • Fixed an issue where certain users with scoped permissions would be unable to login via SSO
  • Fixed an issue where query history was not working as expected

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