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2021.71 Release

  • Updated


New Features and Improvements

  • Added full text search to Policies - you can now easily search all policies and procedures for specific keywords.

  • Added support to export a single policy in PDF.

  • All existing SOC 2 frameworks have been updated so they can now be managed from the UI rather than requiring users to edit the JSON file, leveraging the new controls editing feature.

  • Added a new "Status" widget to the Insights app - this allows you to create a summarized "status" of a given class of entities (such as Person or Host) and certain properties (properties are shown with appropriate indicator icons).


  • Revamped products / in-app purchase page.

  • In Alerts -> Vulnerability Findings view, normalized "Severity" and other fields when filtering findings (users no longer need to select "Low", "LOW", and "low" in order to search for all findings with a low severity, instead there is just now a single "Low" to select).

  • Navigating to /inventory will now also take you to the asset inventory page (previously only /assets would)

  • Added a logout button to the onboarding flow so users can still switch user accounts if needed

  • Fully redesigned documentation site - much more developer friendly 🎉




  • Handle authorization and Not Found responses in cloudhsmv2.listTags, cloudhsmv2.describeClusters, and cloudhsmv2.describeBackups to avoid step failures.

  • Fix Macie step failure when the service is not enabled.

  • Fix failure to use role chaining when useRoleChaining is set up in an integration instance.

  • Continued rollout of AWS accountId property on entities.

  • Added support for VPC Endpoints -- aws_vpc_endpoint entities -- as well as parsing of the VPC Endpoint policies to create corresponding permissions relationships.


  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    Network azure_private_endpoint
    App Service azure_web_app
    App Service azure_function_app
    App Service azure_app_service_plan
    Policy Insights azure_policy_state

  • Added support for ingesting the following new relationships:

    Source _class Target
    azure_resource_group HAS azure_private_endpoint
    azure_subnet HAS azure_private_endpoint
    azure_private_endpoint USES azure_nic
    azure_private_endpoint CONNECTS ANY_RESOURCE
    azure_resource_group HAS azure_web_app
    azure_resource_group HAS azure_function_app
    azure_resource_group HAS azure_app_service_plan
    azure_web_app USES azure_app_service_plan
    azure_function_app USES azure_app_service_plan
    azure_policy_assignment HAS azure_policy_state
    azure_policy_definition DEFINES azure_policy_state
    ANY_RESOURCE HAS azure_policy_state

  • Added the following property to azure_storage_account:

    • networkRuleSet.allowedIpAddresses
  • Changed the following property values on azure_storage_account:

    Previous property name New property name
    networkRuleSetDefaultAction networkRuleSet.defaultAction
    networkRuleSetBypass networkRuleSet.bypass

  • Renamed type azure_network_azure_firewall to azure_network_firewall


  • Fix GitHub App installation flow failure.

Google Cloud

  • #152 - Publish job log message when compute.images.get permission is missing

  • #153 - Handle disks that do not have an image assigned (blank disks)

  • #140 - Map more IAM permissions to service APIs, which will generate additional google_cloud_api_service HAS google_iam_role relationships

  • New properties added to resources:

    Entity Properties
    google_compute_instance webLink
    google_compute_disk webLink
    google_cloud_api_service hasIamPermissions
    google_iam_role readonly, permissions

  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    Compute google_compute_image

  • Added support for ingesting the following new relationships:

    Source _class Target
    google_group ASSIGNED google_iam_role
    google_cloud_api_service HAS google_iam_role

  • google_user is now created as a target entity through a mapped relationship to avoid duplicating information ingested by the Google Workspace integration.


  • Improved description and help text for the configuration unique program ID.


  • Validate projects configuration value to help users resolve errors.

  • Add support for ingesting all Jira custom field types.


  • Added onelogin_user.custom_attributes.* to ingest any/all defined custom attributes for onelogin users.


  • Fix configuration editing flow to prevent unnecessarily re-authorizing the Slack App when changing configuration properties that do not require re-authorization.


  • Initial release of SonarQube integration (beta)! 🎉 Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.

Tenable Cloud

  • Handle 500 response fetching asset vulnerability details from Tenable (vulnerabilities for the asset are not ingested).

  • Handle 404 response fetching host details for archived scans.

  • Tenable client now correctly resets the retryDelay so that other status codes don't end up using the calculated retry delay from a 429 status code.

  • Migrate to Tenable bulk export API endpoints for vulnerabilities and assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Finding Details viewer would not have a max height and would cause large amounts of scrolling to be required

  • Resolved some issues regarding importing rule packs after configuring your first integration


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