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2018.10 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Asset Inventory CSV Download now available to generate report based on current selection of assets.


  • AWS Integration: Additional properties ingested for EC2 EBS Volume Entities, including encryption status, availability zone, size, IOPS, state, snapshot ID, and volume type.

  • Galaxy Graph Viewer: Major performance improvements.

  • Asset Inventory: Filtering is now using a more intuitive condition logic for property and tag values.

  • Asset Inventory: Tags are now grouped together at the top of filtering pane.

  • Asset Inventory: Added icons to better indicate the true/false/empty_string/null values of a property.

Bug Fixes

  • Root / now redirects properly to the home/landing page.

  • Integration links on landing page are now linked to page for viewing existing instances.

  • Encryption status for S3 Bucket Entities are now correctly displayed in Asset Inventory app.


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