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2019.18 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Major UI update to provide a true single page app experience.

  • Brand new experience for integrations configuration.


  • New ingestion and analysis from AWS:

    • AWS Transfer for SFTP servers and users. Try this query:
      Find aws_account
        that HAS aws_transfer
        that HAS Host
        that HAS User
        that RELATES TO *
        return tree
  • Carbon Black PSC and Defense Sensor integration released - ingests sensor agents, policies, and relationships indicating which sensor is assigned which policy. Also maps the sensors to end-user devices and the device owner. See docs for more details.

    Try these queries:

    Find cbdefense_sensor that PROTECTS Device
    Find Person
      that OWNS Device
      that PROTECTS cbdefense_sensor
  • OneLogin integration released - ingests users, user groups, applications and their relationships. Similar to the Okta integration, this allows you to easily query and visualize who has access to what within your identity and access configuration and the connections to the rest of your digital infrastructure. See docs for more details.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved entity relationships for Veracode integrations. Findings are mapped to vulnerablities and weaknesses when applicable.

  • Lots of documentation updates on, including:

  • Improvements and bug fixes with AWS integration:

    • Lambda functions and Redshift clusters are now properly connected to their corresponding VPCs
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate Bucket ACL grants are processed
    • Added mapping to external/public AMIs not owned by the AWS account instance
    • Fixed a couple of Type Errors associated with property ingestion
  • Fixed an authentication parameter issue with Google integration.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted entities still appear in the Asset Inventory.


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