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2018.13 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Packaged Questions are now provided as part of the Query Library, accessible directly in the Landing Zone app, next to the Query/Search bar. This allows you to ask simple compliance and operational questions with our pre-built queries based on the data model and/or specific data integrations. The packaged questions are tagged with flags such as compliance, DevOps, SecOps, aws, HIPAA, etc. so that you can easily search/filter them.

  • Saved Queries/Questions and History: From the Landing Zone, you can access history of your previously executed queries. You can save them to be readily accessible in the future without having to re-type the query. You can also clone a packaged question/query and customize it in your saved query library.

  • Okta Applications: JupiterOne now ingest Application entities from Okta. You can see these in the Asset Inventory view or Graph Viewer or as part of your query results.

  • Github Integration: The first iteration of Github integration is live! In this version, you will need to configure JupiterOne as an OAuth app directly in your Github application and use the OAuth Key/Secret to configure the integration within JupiterOne. A future version will enable JupiterOne as a published Github app.

  • In-app Support: You can now easily search for knowledge base articles or submit a support ticket directly within the JupiterOne web interface.


  • Improved how full text search handles multiple search strings.
  • Various tweak and improvements to J1QL.
  • Improved relationship mapping rules and engine.

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