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2019.17 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • New ingestion and analysis from AWS:

    • ELB entities - application load balancers and network load balancers

      Try Find (aws_alb|aws_nlb)

    • ACM certificates and relationships to resources that use each certificate

      Try Find aws_acm_certificate that relates to * return tree and Find aws_acm_certificate that !USES *

    • CloudFront distributions and their origins

      Try Find aws_cloudfront_distribution that CONNECTS * return tree

    • WAF and the resources they protect

      Try Find aws_waf_web_acl that PROTECTS * return tree

  • Vendor are now automatically inferred and mapped from single sign on applications (e.g. a SAML application in Okta). Additional properties of each vendor can be added via the Asset Inventory app. This gives you a jumpstart in cataloging and managing vendors.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing tags for DynamoDB resources
  • Raw data storage to support versioning and document store (e.g. policies)
  • Various improvements to the managed integrations SDK
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the mapper

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