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2019.22 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added support for UNIQUE keyword in J1QL to return de-duplicated values, or value combinations, in the query return results.

  • Alerts app updates:

    • Added Sorting for alerts and findings table; Filtering for findings.

    • Updated daily email format and included a count of resources added in past 24 hours as part of the "daily digest".

    • Several other UI tweaks for the Alerts app.

    • Added Evaluate Now action button to run an alert rule on-demand.

    • More exciting features and updates to come!

  • Added the ability to select/tweak your own vanity URL as part of account creation / onboarding.

  • HackerOne integration initial release. See details at

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added check to prevent the default Administrators group from being accidentally deleted.

  • Made description field optional when creating/updating a question in the library.

  • Fixed an issue in the mapper when an assessor's email (from an Assessment entity) is incorrectly mapped to a Person.

  • Minor updates and fixes across Veracode, WhiteHat, Bitbucket and Github integrations.

Additional Notes

Please note that we are migrating our documentation site to a consolidated docs + support + community site at


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