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2019.23 Release

  • Updated


New Features

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • UI improvements of the Policies app.

  • Fixed an issue where integration logs were not displayed beyond 50 lines.

  • Fixed an issue with sharing query links that has single quotes (') in the query.

  • Minor updates to the data model classes and properties. Introduced Deployment, Module, Process, Requirement, Rule, Ruleset and Scanner entities.

  • Fixed UI issue where sorting arrow in Asset Inventory table showing the wrong direction.

  • Mapper rules now allow transformation to be specified to normalize values when producing mappings

  • Fixed a pagination issue with Google users and added additional user properties.

  • Added bounty properties to HackerOne integration.

  • Correctly process Jamf users, groups, admin users and computer device users.

  • Major improvement to Okta integration to support accounts with thousands of users or more.


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