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Secrets and key management

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What SSH keys exist on system {}?

Find all SSH keys in an AWS account:

Find aws_key_pair with tag.AccountName='{accountName}'

You can also use the abstract class:

Find AccessKey with usage='ssh' and tag.AccountName='{accountName}'

Find key usage and return a graph:

Find aws_key_pair that relates to Host return tree

Find key usage and return a table with specific properties:

Find aws_key_pair as key that relates to Host as h
return key.displayName,
  h.displayName, h.instanceId, h.region, h.classification, h.tag.AccountName

What SSH keys exist on system {} without link to employee?

The linkage will be mapped when we start processing cloudtrail events.

What secrets (vault, kms, etc…) can a service access and what is that service able to do with them?

Find aws_kms_key that uses * return tree

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