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2019.25 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Compliance app updates:

    • You can edit policy/procedure-to-requirement/control mappings directly in the webapp UI

    • You can add links to external compliance evidence to each requirement/control and optionally provide notes on the external evidence.

    • Improved compliance gap analysis logic - added warning/attention status in addition to compliant/fulfilled, gap, and indeterminate.

    • All mappings now work for controls of a standard framework in addition to requirements.

  • Added an option to Hide unrelated node to filter out nodes in the graph that are not directly connected to the selected node.

  • Snyk integration initial release - captures open source dependency vulnerability findings identified by Snyk scans and map them to code repos, CVEs, and CWEs. See details at

Early Access / Beta Features

  • Insights app with customizable dashboards and metric charts. (For Enterprise tier subscriptions only)

    • Supports query driven charts in Number, Pie/Donut, Line, Table, or Matrix format.

    • Supports customizable Team (shared) and Personal dashboards. Layout of each dashboard is individually customizable per user.

  • Trends for saved/packaged questions. (For Enterprise tier subscriptions only)

    • When enabled, question result will present a chart showing historic data trends.

    • The timeframe of the trend chart can be switched to WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER or YEAR.

    • You can also save/add the trend chart to a dashboard in the Insights app via the Add to Dashboard button.


  • Support CREATE_JIRA_TICKET and SEND_EMAIL as an alert action. This must be configured via the advanced rule editor, in the operations.actions portion of an alert rule's JSON configuration.

    For example:

    "operations": [
        "actions": [
            "type": "CREATE_JIRA_TICKET",
            "summary": "Summary text of the Jira issue",
            "project": "11024",
            "issueType": "Task",
            "integrationInstanceId": "88ce9ad3-a49d-4995-aa9f-56d996f88b34",
            "entityClass": "Vulnerability"
            "type": "SEND_EMAIL",
            "recipients": [

Each action can be configured independently on a rule.

Notes on Jira issue creation:

  • Requires a Jira integration to have been configured, since the action references its integrationInstanceId. This is the UUID in the URL by going to your Jira integration configuration.

  • project specifies the Jira Project ID (not Project Key) - the pid number in this URL: https://yourjira.domain/secure/project/EditProject!default.jspa?pid=11024

  • UI improvements are coming soon to make configuration the above easier.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • More query performance improvements

  • Added pagination support for query results in the web UI (for more than 250 items) and when browsing questions in the library

  • UI improvements for compliance requirement details modal

  • UI improvements for Assets Inventory app, including the data grid and quick search bar

  • Fixed an issue with sorting in the Alerts > Vulnerability Findings view

  • Updated documentation for common questions and queries. See details at

  • "Clear All" button to clear query results also clears the query in search bar


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