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2019.26 Release

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We focused mostly on technical backend/frontend improvements this past sprint around performance, scalability, and core platform infrastructure. This lays the ground work to allow us to bring you more exciting capabilities faster and more reliably going forward.

While that was happening, we did manage to squeeze in a few new things.

Early Access / Beta Features

  • Alert rules now support SEND_SLACK_MESSAGE as an action, using a pre-configured Slack Webhook to send alert message to a specific channel.

    For example:

    "operations": [
        "actions": [
            "type": "SEND_SLACK_MESSAGE",
            "webhookUrl": ""

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in certain scenarios, expanding a graph node to bring up additional neighbors did not work.

  • Added scrolling pagination to the Vulnerability and Findings view in the Alerts app.

  • AWS integration:

    • Added ENI and EIP support
    • Added Route53 Zones and Records support
    • Fixed an issue where security group rules pointing to external IP addresses / hosts were not properly mapped
  • Added _integrationType and _integrationClass metadata properties to entities from integrations, so that they can be queried like:

    Find * with _integrationType='aws' as e return e._type, count(e)
  • Bugs fixes across integrations

  • Improved mapper performance and tweaked a few mapping rules - docs around how mapper works coming soon

  • Added "handle bar" on top of each Insights chart, so that text of a chart (especially from a table) can be selected without the chart being dragged around

  • Misc. UI/UX improvements across Alerts, Insights, and Compliance apps

  • Added support to create/update question in jupiterone-client-nodejs and CLI

  • Limitations on free/community accounts are now being enforced. See the accounts and billing FAQ for more details.


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