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2019.27 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added additional filtering capabilities from entity property panel -- see lower right corner in the screenshot below:


    Clicking on the dropdown action button next to any property value in the entity property panel allows you to select the following actions:

    • Filter Graph: applies a filter with the current property key and value to the graph, hides other nodes that do not match.

    • Find Related: runs a full text search query in a new tab with the selected property value, finding all entities related to the search value. This action is also available in Asset Inventory app.

    • Find Similar: runs a query to look for similar entities of the same type and with the same property key/value pair as the selected one. This action is also available in Asset Inventory app.

  • From the Asset Inventory app, you can select an entity and jump to a graph visualization of the selected entity and its connected entities using the -Open in Graph* action, as shown here:


  • New Compliance app features:

    • For each requirement or control, you can add links to additional evidences hosted external to JupiterOne.

    • Additionally, you can capture free form notes to each compliance requirement.

    • Added search to quickly filter compliance requirements.

    • Added summary summary / progress indicators, as seen in this example screenshot:


  • New Alerts app features:

    • Added search to both Alerts and Alert Rules view.

    • Added Run action to each alert rule, which runs the query in Landing to show your current results.

    Note that Run is different from the Evaluate action, which triggers the alert rule to be evaluated in the backend and generates alert actions if the rule conditions match.

  • You can export/download policies and procedures in both Markdown and HTML format in a zip package from the webapp.

  • You can now clone a Saved question from the Query Library.

  • Added a copy button to allow you to easily copy a query to clipboard from the query results view.

  • Added support to upload SAML metadata file content in addition to providing a URL link to the SAML metadata document when configuring SSO.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where entity type icons were not displaying properly in the Asset Inventory app.

  • Fixed an issue where boolean values for custom properties/tags were stored as string when an entity is manually edited in the Asset Inventory app.

  • Fixed an issue where integration setup instructions did not properly display for certain users.

  • Captured additional attributes such as port, protocol, ruleType, eni, etc. for aws_inspector_finding entities.

  • Improved query error reporting.

  • Minor UI and styling improvements.

  • Various minor integration updates.


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