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2019.29 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added support in J1QL for (not) contains ~= (!~=), (not) starts with ^= (!^=), and (not) ends with $= (!$=) string comparison in property filters

  • Redesign and refactor of the Landing app: moved Library to side panel so that it can remain open side-by-side when running queries

  • Added an option to include recently deleted data when running search and queries.

  • Graph view of query result now auto-remembers node positions as you adjust the layout of the graph view (for admin users); node positions are loaded subsequently when the same query is executed (for all users).


Starting with this release note, we are putting integration related updates together in this section.

  • AWS

    • Added support for EBS snapshot, RDS snapshot, Classic ELB, Route53 registered domain, S3 bucket inventory configuration, and CloudFormation stacks.

    • Fixed a couple of API pagination issues

    • Updated permission flags on IAM policy and S3 bucket policy permission relationships

    • Updated to ensure accuracy and consistency of the name and id properties across all entities -- previously some unnamed resources had their name property incorrectly set using the resource ID.

  • A number of fixes and improvements to the Tenable Cloud integration.

  • Performance and scale improvements to the Jira integration.

  • Ingest license findings from Snyk.

  • Updated integration SDK across all integrations

Community Projects

Community resources are provided AS IS. Code contributions and forks welcome.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Optimized search bar for long queries

  • Sorted the display order of entity properties in detailed side panel (for both Graph View and Asset Inventory app)

  • Added UI in rule editor to configure sending a Slack message, an email, or creating a Jira issue when a alert rule is triggered

  • Fixed navigation link in breadcrumb / neckbar

  • Fixed query parsing error with decimal in numeric value comparison

  • A few other query language fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a cross-field full text search issue

  • Fixed an issue in graph viewer where expending a graph node did not correctly load neighboring nodes with more than one connected edge

  • Fixed caching issue that prevented loading additional graph node neighbors after session idle timeout (one hour)

  • Fixed a loading issue for certain policy documents and accounts

  • Added hostname validator to integration configuration page

  • Added new entity icons


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