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2019.30 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added J1QL docs in-app to the Query Library. you can access the docs with the Library open side-by-side as you run queries.

    You can even try any of the queries mentioned in the docs directly — just click the play button next to a query!


  • Other updates in the Landing app:

    • Added support to page through >250 rows in query results from the Landing webapp.

    • Added shortcut/action button to create an Alert rule directly from query result.

    • Added shortcut to edit a saved question directly from question results.

    • Saved and Packaged (pre-loaded) questions are now combined under one tab in the Query Library. You can toggle the view to include/exclude packaged questions in the view. Additionally, you can now edit or delete packaged questions.

  • Added the ability to view historic data associated with an entity that has raw JSON data stored (most, not all, entities currently have raw data saved).

    • The History view can be invoked from the entity properties menu, either within the Asset Inventory view or the Graph view. Selecting "History" from the dropdown actions menu will open up a modal where you can view previous versions of the entity JSON (if available).

    • Within the History view, you can select two versions of JSON data for a side-by-side or inline comparison (Diff view).

  • Updates in the Compliance app:

    • Added bulk evidence download capability in compliance app.

    Clicking on the "Download" button for a selected compliance standard will trigger a build of all available compliance evidence in the background. You will receive an email notification with a link when the package is ready for download.

    Current limitation: if an evidence query generates more than 250 results, the bulk download only includes the initial 250 results as sample output. This is done as a trade-off so that the evidence package can be generated relatively quickly. This sampling is sufficient for audits/assessments in most cases. Evidence download directly from a specific requirement will include the full results.

    • In evidence downloads, added query and timestamp directly to the CSV files as metadata header, followed by the actual data.

    • You can add a new query question directly within the compliance requirement details view and have it mapped to the selected requirement/control.

  • Added filter support for the "Type" column in Alerts > Open Vulns & Findings view.

  • Added support to delete an alert rule, in addition to disabling the rule.

  • Support custom fields in Jira action of an alert rule, via the additionalFields object. This must be configured with the advanced (JSON) rule editor.

  • J1QL now supports non-alphanumeric characters in the property names, by wrapping the name in brackets. e.g. --

    • Find Host with [special-prop-name]='abc'
    • Find Host as e return e.[special-prop-name]


  • AWS

    • Added capability to detect leaked secrets/credentials in CloudFormation Stack parameters and outputs. Run the following query to find them:
    Find aws_cloudformation_stack with secretsDetected=true

    Detected secrets will be masked as ****REDACTED**** in the parameters / outputs.

  • Azure

    • Added the following entities and their corresponding relationships: azure_vm, azure_nic and azure_public_ip.

    See Azure integration docs for more details.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI pointer when you mouse over a Group name in Users & Access view.

  • Fixed broken link in the Policy Builder / edit view to go back to policies.

  • Fixed a query language bug where negation on property filter did not work when the property value is an array.

  • Fixed an issue where arrays were incorrectly converted to comma separate strings when indexed.

  • Improved how query parsing is handled with complex filter conditions and parenthesis.

  • Fixed an issue where empty string was incorrectly handled by the mapper.

  • Improved layout of the alert rule editor.

Community Projects

Community resources are provided AS IS. Code contributions and forks welcome.


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