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2019.31 Release

  • Updated


This past two weeks was another one of those sprints where we focused mostly on code and infrastructure improvements (aka 'tech debts').

New Features

  • You can see all the question tags at once and easily filter by tags from the Query Library:


  • Improved mapping with between policy controls/procedures, query questions and compliance requirements. You will be prompted to run mapping for security requirements when you add a compliance standard object, if there is no existing mappings at the requirements level.

  • Compliance evidence download now includes policy procedures mapping as well as user provided evidence links and notes in the package, in addition to query outputs.


  • AWS

    • Fixed an issue where S3 bucket permission to AWS global authenticated users ( was not parsed and mapped.

    • Captured renewalEligibility property to aws_acm_certificate entities.

    • Split processing of IAM policy permissions and IAM role trusts to separate steps to avoid timeout that happened in accounts with large number of IAM policies.

  • Azure

    • Added support to configure multiple integration instances (i.e. Azure subscriptions).

    • Also added an option to enable/disable Active Directory data ingestion for a particular integration instance.

    • Captured tags and resourceGroup property on compute resources, and other minor improvements.

  • Github: captured archived property on repos.

  • First iteration of JumpCloud integration is released. This release ingests users and user groups from connected JumpCloud account.

    See JumpCloud integration docs for more details.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a parsing error with multi-line queries on Windows systems because of the \r character

  • Fixed a couple of data loading and UI issues with alerts.

  • Fixed a navigation issue when creating a new integration instance -- instead of being navigated back to the list of configurations, you will stay on the integration instance page and will be prompted to run the integration for the first time.

  • Fixed a scrolling issue with Docs in Query Library.

  • Various backend and infrastructure improvements.


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