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2019.32 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Introduced a new Dashboard View in Asset Inventory on initial load, with significant performance improvements.

  • Compliance app:

    • Bulk evidence download now includes a summary.csv file that contains a full listing of all requirements/controls of the select framework and their status, links and notes.

    • When mapping an existing question to a compliance requirement, you will be presented with a list of "Suggested Questions" based on fuzzy keyword matching.

    • Lots of updates related to SOC 2 Security compliance and controls mapping. See Community Projects section for more details.

  • You can switch between Stacked and Side-by-side views for any bar chart in Insights dashboards.

  • Added Search capability to graph viewer to more easily filter a graph loaded with large number of nodes.


  • Github: Added ingestion of Team entities and associated relationships:

    • github_account HAS github_team
    • github_team HAS github_user
    • github_team ALLOWS github_repo
    • github_user MANAGES github_account
    • github_user MANAGES github_team
  • Jira: Fixed a pagination bug and added support for additional properties captured with Jira issue entities, including description, components, labels, priority, resolution and various timestamps.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to receive duplicate daily digest emails.

  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate alerts to show up in UI after clicking "Load All Alerts" from a direct alert link.

  • Fixed issues where property values did not correctly update when an entity was edited from the assets UI.

  • User notes in a compliance requirement now displays the author's email instead of opaque userId.

  • Improved multiline text display for the description of a compliance requirement.

  • Endpoint compliance powerup agent (stethoscope-app) installer now works properly for macOS Catalina (10.5).

  • Fixed some UI issues associated with user permissions in Policies app.

  • Improved error messages associated with user invites.

  • Some tweaks and improvements to querying and full text search.

Community Projects

Community resources are provided AS IS. Code contributions and forks welcome.


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