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2019.34 Release

  • Updated


Major query performance improvement in this release -- queries with relationships (graph traversals) are now 2x-10x faster!

See more details in the Improvements section below.

Also note that we have started enforcing API rate limits.

New Features

  • Added ability to download query results as CSV or JSON from the Landing app

  • Introduced new tabbed results view saved questions with multiple queries

  • Compliance app:

    • Added ability to mark a compliance requirement as 'N/A'. This can be done in two ways:

    In the web app: the dropdown menu next to the requirement number in the requirement details modal view.

    In the JSON specification: by setting the attribute "applicable": false for a given requirement.

    • Updated the compliance summary bars to show in progress counts during the initial evidence calculation when a new compliance standard specification is first added

    • Tweaked evidence and summary download for compliance questionnaires.

    • Added deep linking directly to a compliance standard and a specific control/requirement.

  • Added more managed/pre-packaged query questions. See catalog.


  • AWS:

    • Fixed API issue with resources in eu-west-3 (Paris) region.

    See Multi-region Support section in AWS integration doc for more details.

  • Azure:

    • Added support for azure_storage_container resources (from Azure Blob storage service).

    See updated Azure integration doc for details, including the relationships across the above resources.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvement for queries with relationships (graph traversals). To take advantage of this performance improvement, use the exact relationship by its class (e.g. HAS, ALLOWS, USES etc.), rather than the generic RELATES TO relationship, when possible.

  • Performance improvements to data persister and relationship mapper.

  • Improvements and bug fixes to the Insights app.

  • A few bug fixes to the query language/service.


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