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2019.35 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Exciting new capabilities added to alert rules, including:

    • Added mapping and templating capability in alert rules that allows detailed data from alerts to be used in alert actions.

    For example, if multiple S3 buckets were part of an alert, you can add the bucket name and other details of each bucket to the email body or the description of a Jira ticket.

    See more details in the Operation Templating section of the alert rule schema.

    • Added webhook support to alert action. For example:

      "actions": [
          "targetValue": "HIGH",
          "type": "SET_PROPERTY",
          "targetProperty": "alertLevel"
          "headers": {
            "Authorization": "Bearer abc"
          "endpoint": "",
          "type": "WEBHOOK",
          "method": "POST",
          "body": {
            "one": 1,
            "two": 2
    • Simplified JavaScript-like syntax for rule conditions.


      "condition": [


      "condition": "{{ != 0}}"

    For more information on these new capabilities and how to configure, see alert rule schema.

  • Added visual indicators of alert rule actions to the UI.


  • Alert trend histogram is now displayed with relatively scaled bar height and supports greater number of data points.


  • New Filter Selection modal for Vulnerability Findings view that supports applying multiple filters on type, severity, and source account of vulnerability findings.


Integrations (and "Power Ups")

  • Upgraded J1 Endpoint Compliance Agent to Stethoscope v4, which adds support for required application auditing policy.

    See details here.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Significant load time performance improvement to the Asset Inventory view.

  • When an entity is selected in query results that opens up the property panel, the property panel now auto expands the view height as needed.

  • Performance and scalability improvements to integration pipeline

  • Various other backend improvements


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