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2019.36 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Lots of UI/UX updates to the Insights app:

    • Added the ability to drag-n-drop Insights boards to re-arrange them in the menu side drawer.

    • Added the ability to clone a board. Admin users can also clone a board and save it as a new shared/team board.

    • Improved UX for adding and updating boards.

  • Many UI/UX updates to the Alerts app as well:

    • Visual rule editor now supports updated rule actions, including Webhook action, email body, and templates definitions.

    • Visual editor now works when editing an existing rule. Previously editing was only supported via the advanced JSON rule editor.

  • [ENTERPRISE accounts only] Added the ability to set query permissions for a user group, which applies a filter constraint on the data users in that group are allowed to query. Permission filters can be configured by:

    • Entity Class
    • Entity Type
    • Integration Class
    • Integration Type
    • Integration Configuration Instance



Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Various UI bug fixes and UX improvements to the Alerts and Compliance apps

  • Fixed an issue where the "Control Provider" value for a policy procedure document was not successfully saved from the editor

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate vulnerability finding rows would open when a single finding was selected

  • Improved data deletion pipeline


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