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2020.37 Release

  • Updated


This past sprint, we focused a lot on technical improvements around platform stability, integration data integrity, and error handling/reporting. These improvements are not individually listed below.

New Features

  • In the Compliance app, separated compliance standards and security questionnaires in two sections in the menu side drawer and added support for drag-n-drop re-ordering.

  • [beta/experimental] J1QL auto-complete as you type in the query in the search box in the Landing page.

Auto-complete works with data in your account. Currently it supports entities (both type and class) and properties, in addition to query language syntax/keywords. Support for relationship verb auto-complete is coming soon.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • UI improvements to Insights pie charts.

  • Improved backend sorting in Vuln & Findings view.

  • Fixed a few other things that broke.

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