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2020.38 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added CIS AWS Benchmark support. Simply copy/paste the following JSON to the "Add standard" modal screen in the Compliance app:

    There are currently 24 AWS query questions already mapped to the CIS AWS Foundations / Benchmark framework.

  • Added click to filter support to the compliance summary legends. This allows you to filter the controls / requirements matching a selected status -- e.g. "Has implementation evidence", "Potential remediation needed", etc.

  • Added support to delete notes from a compliance requirement.

  • [beta] J1QL auto-complete now works with relationships verbs.

  • Added Open in Graph action from a selected entity in the Landing page query results.

    This option was previously only available from a selected entity in the Asset Inventory view.

  • Added two "billable entities count" default charts to the Insights home dashboard.


  • [aws] Added the following support to AWS integration:

    • Route53 domain contact details.

    • User access attributes and timestamps on account root user, IAM access key and role, including:

    lastUsedOn, lastUsedRegion, lastUsedServiceName, passwordEnabled, passwordLastUsed, passwordLastChanged, passwordNextRotation, accessKeyEnabled, accessKeyLastUsed

  • [google] Updated docs / setup instructions to reflect required changes to the permission settings due to recent changes from the provider.

  • Many other backend improvements and minor fixes across several integrations.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a browser refresh may be needed when switching between Insights dashboards.

  • Improved backend to handle bulk data deletion.

  • Fixed an issue with saving/loading the default layout for Insights dashboards.


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