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Compliance Evidence Mapping

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Each compliance requirement or control can have the following items as evidence:

  • Mapped query questions
  • Linked external evidence
  • Additional notes

Query Questions

From the compliance requirement details view, you can add a new question or map an existing question to the selected requirement.

As long as data is represented within JupiterOne -- entities and relationships that comes from either managed integrations or custom automation, writing queries to provide data-drive compliance evidence is the recommended approach.

Each "question" can have one or more queries. The queries can be named to trigger automated compliance gap analysis. See this article for more details.

External Evidence

In some cases, compliance evidence cannot be provided via data available in JupiterOne. There are two ways to provide this evidence for a given control: as an external link to a document hosted outside of JupiterOne (such as on SharePoint or Google Docs), or using a direct uploaded (such as a screenshot or PDF).

Both external evidence types require a name and have an optional description.

Watch this video to see examples of queries you can use to collect and map evidence to controls.


Additionally, free form notes can be added to any compliance requirement or control item to provide more details or context as needed. Each note, when saved, will capture the author and timestamp.


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