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Compliance Gap Analysis

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JupiterOne compliance platform is capable of performing automated gap analysis based on the query or queries saved in mapped questions. Here is how it works.

Query Results Indicator

Each query in a saved question has a property to indiciate whether the results from the query are good, bad, unknown, or informative. This can be configured either in the app UI or via the API.

Here is a screenshot of the app UI configuration:


At the API level, this is set with the resultsAre property. For example:

- id: managed-question-access-password-policy
  title: Show me the current password policy and compliance status.
    - name: Compliant policies
      resultsAre: GOOD
      query: |
        Find PasswordPolicy with
          minLength >= 8 and
          requireLowercase = true and
          requireUppercase = true and
          requireSymbols = true and
          maxAgeDays <= 90 and
          historyCount >= 12
    - name: Non-compliant policies
      resultsAre: BAD
      query: |
        Find PasswordPolicy with
          minLength < 8 or
          requireLowercase != true or
          requireUppercase != true or
          requireSymbols != true or
          maxAgeDays > 90 or
          historyCount < 12

Gap Analysis

Queries with resultsAre property in a question that is mapped to a compliance requirement trigger automated gap analysis, as follow:

  • GOOD:

    Results from a "good" query indicates expected configuration is present.

    For example, a list of critical data stores that are encrypted.

  Find DataStore with classification='critical' and encrypted=true
  • BAD:

    Results from a "bad" query indicates gaps or misconfigurations.

    For example, a list of critical data stores that are not encrypted.

  Find DataStore with classification='critical' and encrypted!=true

    Results from an "unknown" query indicates resources with an unknown scope or state.

    For example, a list of data stores that do not have classification tags.

  Find DataStore with classification=undefined

INFORMATIVE queries are not used in compliance gap analysis.

A question can have one or all of the above named queries.

Gap Analysis Status

The gap analysis status of each requirement of control may be one of the following:


    Requirement is "fulfilled and monitoring".


    "Attention - potential remediation needed" because a potential gap has been detected, with a mix of properly configured resources and misconfigurations (i.e. partially fulfilled).

  • GAP:

    "Gap detected" with no properly configured resources identified, indicating a full control gap.


    "Manual review needed" because the platform was unable to auto-determine the status with the queries provided.

This status appears also when the requirement or control has no mapped query question and no external evidence provided.

The status is determined by the presence and output of the named queries in the mapped question(s), as seen in the following matrix:


Note: A single query in a question without the resultsAre property set is implicitly interpreted as a GOOD query.


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