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2020.39 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Interactive questions with variables - save a question with {{variable}} in the queries will prompt users to enter the value for each variable when the question is asked.


  • Non-traversal queries (i.e. queries without relationships) now returns totalCount in the JSON API response.

  • Added a Compliance Summary Overview Dashboard in the Compliance app. This provides an aggregated view of status from all compliance standards and security review questionnaires. Additionally,

    • Added summary display for security questionnaires.

    • Improved gap analysis logic and display.

    • Improved support for "Not Applicable" items in compliance evidence download and summary status.


  • [AWS] Added WorkSpaces support.

    • Also added a workaround to an issue with the route53.listTagsForDomain API where AWS is applying an effective rate limit far less that the documented 5 requests/sec.
  • [Azure] Added Databases support, including MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

    • Also fixed an issue when handling blob storage containers from multiple blob storage accounts.
  • [Crowd Strike] Improved error handling of unstable provider APIs.

  • [Tenable] Fixed an issue where the integration run was not completing for certain accounts.

  • New integration instances are now limited to ONEHOUR or ONEDAY polling. THIRTY_MINUTES is no longer supported. This is a step towards supporting streamed/event-based data ingestion in the near future.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Grouped aggregation with relationship traversal is supported.

    e.g. Find Host that USES Disk as d RETURN d.volumeId, count(d)

    This was previously returning individual rows with 1 as the the count.

  • Query aggregation now supports grouping when the grouped by property is an array. The array is counted/displayed as comma separated values.

  • Fixed an issue where tag.AccountName was not updated when the integration name changed.

  • Fixed issue when querying deleted data from the Landing page.

  • Added prompt to reload graph after an entity is edited or deleted from the query result graph view.

  • Datetime numbers are now parsed into human-readable ISO datetime string in CSV downloads from compliance evidence or query result.

  • Fixed incorrect count and bar height in the trend display of an alert.

  • Fixed incorrect query being populated when creating an alert from Landing page query results.

  • Added default values to Send Email and Create Jira Ticket alert actions.

  • Improved auto-complete to handle editing previous parts of a query.

  • Performance improvements of the property filters in Asset Inventory.

  • Improved UI error handling, including an error reporting view in the case an app fails to load.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Policies app from loading for certain users.

  • Lots of backend improvements.

  • Fixed some mapping issues.


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