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2020.40 Release

  • Updated


Another Sprint focused on tech debts. Light on new features.

New Features

  • Added the ability to generate a shareable URL to a Question from Landing page.

  • Added the ability in the Compliance webapp to create mapping of policies and procedures to a selected compliance requirement, with recommendations based on a deep neural network text classifier.


  • Added version number and creation/update timestamps display to policies and procedures UI.


  • [AWS] Auto-configure AWS integrations of sub-accounts connected to an organization master account.

    Enable this by checking Configure Organization Accounts under "Advanced Options". All sub-accounts must be configured to use the same role name and external ID as the master account for this to work properly.

  • [Azure] Added analysis of Security Group Rules. Try:

    Find azure_security_group
      that ALLOWS (Host|Network|Service)
    Return tree
    • Also added support for VM Disks and Custom Images.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Lots of small improvements and fixes. Too many to list individually.

  • Separated rate limit for APIs and webapps so that custom automation will not cause user experience issues on the webapps.

  • Improved alert rule editor for creating Jira tickets.


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