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2020.42 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Introducing default alias in query language. This simplifies query writing in most scenarios with return values (using RETURN) or post-traversal filtering (using WHERE).

    For example, the following query:

    Find User as u that is Person as p
      return u.username, p.displayName, p.manager

    This can be simplified to:

    Find User that is Person
      return User.username, Person.displayName, Person.manager

The Class or Type of an entity can be used directly as the default alias.

Note that this does not work if you reference the same Class or Type of entity more than once in the same query.

  • Added support to configure granular access policies associated with a J1 user group. (A few more iterations to come this sprint to fully support this capability)

A J1 PLUS/ENTERPRISE tier feature

  • Added support to capture detailed audit trail. (UI coming soon for account admins to view audit trails)

A J1 PLUS/ENTERPRISE tier feature

  • Added support to send SQS message to a queue and publish SNS message to a topic in alert rule actions. This can be used to trigger custom automation.


Note: in order to use this capability, the JupiterOne integration role for the target AWS integration must be assigned sns:Publish and/or sqs:SendMessage permissions in an attached IAM policy.

  • Added configurable minimum alert level threshold in Daily Digest emails. Only alerts above this set threshold will be counted and included in the daily emails.


  • Added support to query internal J1 entities via graph query, including J1 users, groups, and (soon) API access keys. This will support setting up alert rules for relevant resources (e.g. Alert when J1 API keys are near expiration).


  • [VMWare AirWatch] (beta) Rolled out initial version of AirWatch integration! See docs for details.

  • [AWS] Added support for ElastiCache, Elasticsearch, and SNS. See docs for details.

    Also, AWS Organizations support is fully functioning, with properties and tags of sub-accounts properly captured. (Thanks to improvements made in the system mapper.)

  • [Azure] Added support for Load Balancers and relationships to the IP interfaces they connect to in the backend. See docs for details.

  • [Crowd Strike] Added ingestion of additional agent properties, including deviceId, macAddress, publicIp, osVersion, platform, and first/lastSeenOn timestamps.

  • [Github] Implemented a workaround to a Github GraphQL error on a specific organization query. Github engineering team acknowledged the issue on their side but did not provide a timeframe on fix.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of bugs in the Insights app -- it is now officially out of beta!

  • Performance improvements on Landing page.

  • Significant Mapper performance improvements and bug fixes. Also added support to enrich properties of a target entity that is not created by the mapper or the source integration.

  • Fixed a bug in Compliance where the "no gap" and "no policy" evidence filter did not work upon initial page load.

  • Fixed a navigation error using "<" ">" buttons in Compliance requirements view.

  • jupiterone-client-nodejs -- latest version 0.21.1 includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

    • Improved API throttling in nodejs client, CLI, and security-policy-builder (version 3.1.2).

    • Fixed a query timeout issue in the nodejs client.

    • Added upsert entity support to the CLI.


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