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2020.43 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Let there be color! Introducing conditional color settings of the number value in an Insights widget.

    This allows you to build more visual dashboards like the Risk Register example below:


Check out a corresponding blog of our internal risk assessment automation:

This is an early access feature of PLUS/ENTERPRISE subscription tier. Contact your account manager to request access.

BASE subscription tier accounts will continue to have the basic Full Admin vs. Read Only access control.

  • An exciting new beta app: My Security!

    My Security provides a very focused view for every individual member of an organization -- especially developers. The app contains widgets that help distribute security tasks and their status to each team member in an effort to make security everyone's responsibility.

    See example screenshot below:


This is an early access feature of PLUS/ENTERPRISE subscription tier. Contact your account manager to request access.


  • [AWS]:

    • Added support skipping selected sub-accounts when auto-configuring J1-AWS integrations from an Organizations master account. This is done by adding the optional j1-integration: SKIP tag to the sub-account from AWS Organizations web console.

    • Mapped ENI relationships to ES, ElastiCache, and ELB resources using an ENI.

    • Added support for CloudWatch Metric Alarms.

    • Added support for VPC Peering and create mapped relationships to peer VPC in either the same account or a different one. Type in the keyword VPC in query search bar or question library to see included questions:

    • What are the VPC Peering connections?
    • Are there cross-account VPC Peering connections?
    • Are there cross-region VPC Peering connections?
    • Are there VPC Peering connections to outside accounts?
    • Correctly parse state of a CloudFront Distribution and improved its mapping to Route53 DNS records and S3 buckets.

    • Added the ability to parse GuardDuty Finding principal details and create mapping to IAM user/role/key, AWS account, and/or Person associated with a finding.

    • Fixed a pagination issue when reading RDS parameters.

    • Fixed an issue where KMS describeKey receives 400 response that terminates the integration step.

    • Added more pre-packaged query questions to library, including full support for CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.

  • [Azure]:

    • Added OS detail properties to azure_vm entities, including: adminUser, disablePasswordAuthentication (boolean flag), osName, osVersion, and platform.

    • Added SQL database transparent data encryption (TDE) setting ingestion. If TDE is enabled, the property on a azure_sql_database entity will be set to { encrypted: true }.

    • Various improvements on handling Azure API throttling and error responses.

  • [Nmap]:

    • Added a new Nmap integration to scan local network and add discovered devices to JupiterOne via API.

    This is a locally executed integration. For details, see:

  • [Whois]:

    • Added a Whois integration to look up details of your domains registered with any registrar. The entities will be created as internet_domain with properties such as expiresOn and domain contact details.

    • A new domain-expires-in-30-days alert rule can be imported from the JupiterOne Alerts Rule Pack.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added alert threshold level indication to daily digest emails

  • Added support to allow users to create an alert rule with identical name to a previously deleted rule

  • Improved processing of compliance requirement status

  • Improved layout of the question results in Landing

  • Added Slack body configuration option to visual rule editor

  • Improved browser tab/window title display across all apps to show app name instead of just "JupiterOne Home" for all apps

  • Improved error boundaries of several frontend components, such as Query Library

  • Fixed an issue where editing an alert rule from the alerts view fails, if the rule action contained mapTemplate function

  • Improved "No Data" UI display of Insights dashboard widgets

  • Various other UI layout bug fixes


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