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2020.45 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • More improvements made to the Graph Viewer:


    1. Option to lock/unlock the position of connected nodes when moving a graph node.

    Shift + Click to select and move all connected nodes.

    1. Toggle between vertically-oriented and horizontally-oriented tree view.
    2. Save/download current graph view as PNG image.
    3. Action to re-center graph.
    4. Undo/Redo expand nodes action.
  • UI to view audit events (accessible for account administrators only).

  • Support adding new and deleting policy/procedure documents via the web interface in the Policies app.

  • Error indicator on the integrations list page to show if one of the instances may require attention.

    • Also, click on the integration run status chip/bubble now goes directly to the jobs view for that integration instance.
  • Export/import Insight boards as JSON, including chart configurations and positions. Also improved chart widgets and layouts of default dashboards.

  • Compliance Scope Filters can be added for each compliance standard. The filters are applied across all compliance evidence queries mapped to that specific standard without the need for modifying the queries individually.

For example, a filter can be applied to limit compliance evidence queries on a subset of AWS accounts that are in scope for a PCI assessment instead all AWS accounts.


Initial release of 3 new integrations (beta)

Updates to AWS, Azure, and other existing integrations

  • Lots of updates and improvements to the 10 integrations released last sprint and the new integration SDK.

  • [AWS]:

    • Added ingestion of EFS configurations and related query questions to library.
    • Added role trust relationships to both the awsiamsaml_provider entity and the external SSO account entity.
    • Added role trust relationships to user/group/role using IAM identifier.
    • Fixed an issue where old role trust relationships were not properly removed.
  • [Azure]:

    • Added ingestion of SQL Server and Database auditing status and properties.
    • Added ingestion of SQL Server alerting status and properties.
    • Added attached boolean and state property on azure_managed_disk entities.
    • Fixed incorrect parsing of the targetPortRanges (fromPort and toPort) of an Azure Security Group rule.
    • Fixed a bug where relationships were not created between AS groups and the users/members of the group.
    • Added 16 query questions and mapping to CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark. See
  • [Jira]: Added accountType property to jira_user entities and related questions to query them.

For example, the question below returns Jira users by account type in tabs:


  • [Github/Bitbucket]: Added ingestion of pull requests as a user-configurable option.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent grouping of nodes in the graph viewer.

  • Fixed previous/next compliance requirement navigation.

  • Policies app UI improvements.


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