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2020.46 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Support bulk add entities or relationships by uploading a JSON or YAML file from the Asset Inventory app. Read instructions here.

Bulk upload is also supported via API.

  • New features in the Graph View:

    • Highlights a selected entity node and its connections (related entities) while unrelated ones are faded out to improve focus and visual contrast.

    • Entity property drawer for grouped entities will show a listing of items in the group.

  • Added support to delete a policy or procedure in the Policies app. Also added support to re-arrange the order of policies and procedures in the UI.

  • New improved timeline view for alerts.

    Also, sorting by severity in the Alerts view now sorts based on its numeric value instead of string value.

  • Added support to track vulnerability finding exceptions. Admin users can mark a vulnerability finding as an "exception", and provide an exception reason.

  • Added support for "one-to-many" mapping of uploaded compliance evidence -- users can select a previously uploaded evidence file to map to a compliance requirement instead of uploading it again.


Initial release of 4 new integrations (beta)

Updates to AWS, Azure, and other existing integrations

  • [AWS]: Analyze S3 bucket policy to determine secureTransport status; and added support to obtain bucketSizeBytes and numberOfObjects for S3 buckets via CloudWatch metrics.

The latter requires cloudwatch:GetMetricData permission to be added to JupiterOneSecurityAudit IAM policy.

  • [Carbon Black]: Normalize the format of macAddress to all lower case and separated with : every two characters.

This allows for more consistent mapping of host agents/sensors to devices based on the MAC address.

  • [Cisco AMP]: Map relationships from endpoint agents to endpoint devices based on hostname or MAC address.

  • [Cisco Meraki]: Map discovered network clients (endpoints) to Host/Device entities.

  • [Jamf]:

    • Normalize Serial Number (serial), MAC address (macAddress) properties.
    • Normalize timestamp properties: createdOn, enrolledOn, lastSeenOn, lastReportedOn.
    • Capture OS details: platform, osName, osVersion, osBuild.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes improvements to the integration pipeline.

  • Various UI updates including new icons for entities.

  • Improved node grouping consistency in the graph viewer.

  • Improved error handling in policies app.

  • Fixed a bug where the config.json file in downloaded policies zip package contains default provider for a procedure, if the procedure's provider value was deleted via the UI.

  • Improved the UI for adding and updating a policy/procedure document.

  • Fixed an issue with the font size of entity property tabs being too large on certain browsers and screen resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where certain array items were displayed as a single concatenated string instead of comma separated values in the Asset Inventory table.

Community Projects

  • Added GitHub repo web links to integration configuration page for those that are developed as open source projects.

  • Added support for non-interactive publish to Confluence wiki in security-policy-builder.


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