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Resource Metadata

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The following metadata is assigned by JupiterOne internally to entities and relationships. All internal metadata has _ prefix to the property name.

Class, Type, Key and ID

Property Type Description
_class string | string[] The abstract class label(s) assigned to an entity/relationship. An entity can have multiple class labels while a relationship can only have one.
_type string The specific type of the resource.
_key string An identifier of the resource unique within an integration instance or data source scope.
_id string A globally unique identifier of the resource within JupiterOne.


All timestamps are store in Epoch milliseconds and displayed in the UI in ISO date string format.

Property Type Description
_createdOn number The timestamp the entity/relationship was first created in JupiterOne. Usually represents a time after the resource was created in the provider environment.
_beginOn number The timestamp when the latest version of entity/relationship was created. Equivalent to last updated timestamp within JupiterOne (not the timestamp of the resource updated in the provider environment).
_endOn number THe timestamp a version of the entity/relationship was deleted in JupiterOne.

Timestamps from the resource provider, if available, are generally normalized to one of the following:

  • createdOn
  • updatedOn
  • deletedOn
  • startedOn
  • stoppedOn

State and source related metadata

Property Type Description
_deleted boolean Indicates whether a resource was deleted from JupiterOne graph/CMDB. This typically means the resource was recently deleted from the provider source environment.
_version number The version number, which increments every time a change to the resource configuration/attribute is captured.
_source string The source from where the resource was created. Valid options include: integration-managed, powerup-managed, system-internal, system-mapper, and api.

Integration specific metadata

The following metadata only exists on resources created via an integration.

Property Type Description
_integrationClass string | string[] Class of the integration that represents the category or domain of the service provider. For example: CSP, IdP, EDR, MDM, etc.
_integrationType string Type of the integration. Typically the service provider name. For example: aws, google, azure, okta, knowbe4, vmware, etc.
_integrationName string User-provided friendly name of the integration instance.
_integrationDefinitionId string Internal UUID that identifies the definition for this integration, e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.
_integrationInstanceId string Internal UUID that identifies the integration instance. An integration can have more than one configuration instances. For example, multiple AWS accounts have multiple AWS integration instances.


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