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2020.47 Release

  • Updated


In addition to the new features and updates below, check out for the newly improved Question Library.

New Features

  • Added a Compliance Evidence Library to manage all uploaded evidence files/documents across all compliance standards from one central place. Each uploaded evidence can be attached to multiple compliance requirements, similar to how one query question can be mapped to many.

  • Brand new Compliance Reporting capability that allows users to configure a report template in Markdown and generate a full PDF report based on the status, risks, and other dynamic attributes of the selected compliance standard and organization data.

  • In the compliance requirement view, a Gap indicator is added to next to each question, and each query tab within a question, as appropriate, to indicate which question/query identified gaps for the give requirement.

  • Brand new Powerup capability to Configure Resource Whitelisting. The allowlisting is used to enrich a particular class of entities. Currently supported allowlisting includes:

    • Approved Applications - enriches Application entities with an approved boolean attribute

    • Internal IP Addresses - enriches mapped Host or Network entities with an internal boolean attribute

    • Trusted External IP Addresses - enriches mapped Host or Network entities with a trusted boolean attribute

  • In the Asset Inventory app, Bulk Upload entities/relationships via JSON/YAML file will prompt the user for a scope (previously saved "scopes" are listed for easy selection).

What does "scope" mean?

A scope is used to identify relationships to update/delete during diffing. Previously existing entities/relationships within the same scope that no longer exist in the latest upload are deleted.

  • Added an indicator in the entity properties panel to show any property value that has been manually edited/overriden by an administrator. The original value from the integration source / provider is shown on mouse hover.


  • Added initial prompt for users to import Alert Rules upon first visit of the Alerts app.

  • Added shortcut button to see Revision History of each policy/procedure document in the Policies app.


  • Carbon Black: Added alert findings ingestion.

IMPORTANT: The new release of the Carbon Black integration uses their latest v6 API and it requires a change in API permission settings.

Please obtain new credentials and update the integration configuration in JupiterOne.

The instructions are found in the doc here.

  • Carbon Black, Cisco AMP, Cisco Meraki, Jamf, Snipe-IT: Improvements across multiple endpoint protection / endpoint management integrations to better correlate and normalize data so that they consistently point to the same device.

  • Properly handle capturing of RAW data with the new integration SDK.

  • Various small bug fixes and improvements.

We are actively working on CloudTrail events support! Nothing in this release yet but may be ready for beta testing as soon as the next release! Stay tuned.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • A few mapper improvements and bug fixes.

  • A few query and indexer improvements and bug fixes.


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