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2020.48 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added compliance status view settings for each compliance standard object to toggle on/off policies, evidence, and gap analysis indicators.

This can be helpful when generating a PDF report to include/exclude certain status indications.

  • Support On-demand Re-evaluation of a specific compliance requirement or control.

To trigger re-evaluation, click on the three-dots menu icon next to the requirement/control reference ID near the top left corner.

  • Users can set the Default App by going to Settings (Gear Icon) and selecting My Profile. The Default App is the app that will be launched upon login.

The ability for Administrators to select a Default App for a user group is coming soon.

  • Added dynamic display of Pro Tips for queries that can be improved. Look for the lightbulb icon in the query/search bar.


  • Property panel displays overridden chip for any attribute value that has been manually modified via UI/API (i.e. different value from integration provider).


  • AWS

    • Fixed step failures due to throttle exceptions starting tasks
    • Fixed step failures due to persister stream connect failueres
    • Fixed performance issues related to duplicate mapped relationship operations
    • Fixed password policy queries to check for undefined properties
  • Snyk

    • Improved handling of Snyk server errors so that a failure does not completely prevent data ingestion
  • GitHub

    • Integration jobs provide user feedback on invalid configuration

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of entity deletion from query results.

  • Fixed an issue preventing security_document from being added to the "Addendum and References" section in Policies app.

  • Performance improvements in the compliance requirements view when loading evidences, links, uploads, notes, and mapped policies/procedures.

  • Improved Add Compliance Standard workflow to be able to import a standard JSON from GitHub from a list, in addition to manually import via Raw JSON.

  • Fixed a UI caching issue when navigating compliance requirements via the previous/next buttons.

  • Fixed an issue with renaming a compliance standard.

  • Fixed a validation bug for drag-n-drop evidence file upload in Compliance app.

  • Fixed an issue where mapping a question to a compliance requirement removes the query names of the mapped question.

  • Fixed a user group assignment issue caused by leading/trailing spaces in the group name.

  • Several other misc UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


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