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2020.49 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added support for Draft - Review/Approval - Publish workflow to managing policy / procedure documents in the Policies app.

  • New Finding Details view and Owners/Maintainers view for for each vulnerability finding or alert finding.

  • New Audit Tracking feature for compliance.

    When enabled, compliance admins / auditors can manage and change the audit status for each requirement via the status drop down in the requirement details view (similar to the workflow when managing a Jira issue). This also adds an indicator to each requirement row in the compliance standard dashboard.


To enable, go to Compliance Settings and toggle on Eable auditing tracking.

  • Added System Alerts notification view to the top navigation bar.

Currently, this only displays status notifications for bulk upload actions via the Asset Inventory UI. More system alerts/notifications such as integration execution errors will be added soon.

  • Adjusted RBAC/ABAC permission for the Insights app such that:

    • Only Admins can edit insights widgets
    • Read-only users cannot create, clone, edit insights dashboards


  • Azure

    • Moved to new SDK, laying groundwork for accelerating progress of new types of data ingestion
    • Distributed work across more steps to better handle certain failure modes
  • AWS

    • Added public and shared boolean properties to RDS snapshot entities, based on SnapshotType.
    • Update an Account entity's properties when it is no longer a master account after being added to an Organization: { root, master, rootUserPasswordLastUsed, rootUserAccessKeyEnabled, rootUserAccessKeyLastUsed }.
    • Beta: Process CloudTrail events for S3 buckets: { CreateBucket, PutBucketPolicy, PutBucketEncryption }.

    To join the beta for CloudTrail event streaming, follow the instructions in the documentation.

  • GitLab

    • Fixed base url field to remove masking, improved help text
  • Jira

    • Fixed a failure to ingest issues after a failed job
  • Cisco Meraki

    • Added relationship user_endpoint CONNECTS meraki_device to reveal endpoints bound to a public IP address

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved UI for importing compliance standards.

  • Improved initial security policy generation performance using bulk entity creation API.

  • Policies app will self repair if it detects any missing policies that may have been added manually or other out of sync issues.

  • Deleting an entity will now update the list of query results accordingly, with corresponding prompts and error/success messages.

  • Fixed an issue where compliance PDF report generation would show a network error when editing


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