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2020.50 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added Approval Requirement (at least one approval) before publishing a draft policy/procedure.

  • Added Policies/Procedures PDF Download directly from the Policies web app.

  • Added Network Path view for vulnerability findings when the finding is associated with a Host entity.

  • Added special indicators to improve the visual of recently deleted entities in both the graph viewer and entity properties panel.

  • Added read-only view of the properties of a disabled alert rule.


  • Added more event processing for AWS CloudTrail/EventBridge ingestion (beta):

    • IAM: CreateGroup, CreateUser, CreateAccessKey, CreateRole, CreatePolicy

    • S3: PutBucketAcl, PubBucketLifecycle, PutBucketLogging, PutBucketVersioning, PutBucketTagging, PutBucketReplication, PutBucketAccessBlock, PutBucketInventoryConfiguration

Raw data of these events is captured in the entities that the events apply to.

To join the beta for CloudTrail event streaming, follow the instructions in the documentation.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Several bug fixes in Policies and Compliance app.

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