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2020.51 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added a company overview field to first section of policies and procedures configuration view. The overview content is also used in Compliance app for generating an assessment report.

  • Added bulk API for creating/updating entities and relationships.


  • Inital release of Google Cloud integration (beta)! 🎉

    Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.

  • JupiterOne Slack app is finally approved by Slack and the integration is live! 🎉

  • Added the following to Azure integration:

    • Azure Role Definition Entities & Relationships
    • Azure Service Principals
    • Azure Classic Administrators
  • AWS CloudTrail integration nows creates mapped relationships between the resource and the entity principal that created/updated it (e.g. an IAM User or Role, an AWS Account or Service).

  • Various integration SDK improvements.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a tracking system to improve system error logging and reporting.

  • Added policy/procedure IDs to the downloaded PDF for better searching and cross reference.

  • Several other UI/UX improvements and bug fixes to Policies and Compliance app.

  • Updated line chart usability and styling. More improvements to Insights charts coming soon (we are switching to a new charting library behind the scenes).

  • Add confirmation when removing users from groups to prevent accidental removal.

  • Added auto ellipsis on long text items in query results table.

  • Fixed an issue where some metadata properties are not showing up in the correct Metadata tab in entity properties panel.


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