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2020.52 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added [ ALL | CONFIGURED | UNCONFIGURED ] toggle filters Integrations page

  • Added functionality for users to accept policies. Users will be prompted to accept again when the any policy/procedure has been updated since they last accepted.



  • Ingest VPN connections
  • Improved IAM role entity details
  • Set KMS Key Rotation status and capture key policy as raw data
  • Fix customer gateway arn and other small fixes


  • Fixed failing ingestion for some accounts

Google Cloud

  • Ingest Google Compute disks as google_compute_disk
  • Ingest Google Compute instances as google_compute_instance
  • Create google_compute_instance USES google_compute_disk relationship


  • Initial release of Feroot integration

Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.

Kudos to the Feroot engineering team for building this integration! 🎉


  • A lot of work was done on the integration SDK to improve testing, bring more safety, and guide developers.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Updated pie chart, bar chart, and line charts to new style and resolved some visual errors

  • Fixed an issue where the Insights app may get stuck on an infinite loading screen in certain conditions

  • Fixed an issue in the Policies app where the dialog didn't close after creating a new procedure

  • Fixed an issue in the Policies app where deleted policies would re-appear

  • Removed the incorrect ref- prefix in the file name of downloaded policies


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