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2020.53 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Entitlements and self-service trial activation: Customers can now start their own trials for features that they have not yet purchased.

  • Added a "Reset" action to revert overridden values from the entity properties panel



  • Added properties to User entities:

    • activatedOn
    • createdOn
    • lastLoginOn
    • lastUpdatedOn
    • passwordChangedOn
    • statusChangedOn
  • Ingest Users with status of "DEPROVISIONED"


  • Added azure_role_assignment|allows|<scope> relationships
  • Added azure_resource_group entities
  • Added azure_resource_group|has|<resource> relationships
  • Added azure_subscription entities
  • Added azure_subscription|has|azure_resource_group relationships
  • Created azure_storage_account entities to replace azure_storage_blob_service and azure_storage_file_service. NOTE: This change requires any existing queries using the azure_storage_blob_service or azure_storage_file_service _type to use azure_storage_account.
  • Removed mapped role_assignment|allows|<scope> relationships to avoid creating azure_unknown_resource_type entities
  • Added azure_storage_table entities
  • Added azure_storage_account|has|azure_storage_table relationships
  • Added azure_storage_queue entities
  • Added azure_storage_account|has|azure_storage_queue relationships
  • Added azure_api_management_service entities
  • Added azure_resource_group|has|azure_api_management_service relationships
  • Added azure_api_management_api entities
  • Added azure_api_management_service|has|azure_api_management_api relationships


  • Migrated to new integration SDK to simplify and improve reliablity
  • Fixed a few bugs during the migration
  • Ingest google_token and build google_user ASSIGNED google_token relationship

note that the integration will now require scope.

Please review the updated configuration instructions.



  • Migrated to new integration SDK to simplify and improve reliability
  • Fixed complete integration failure when a single whois call fails to resolve

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Compliance app performance improvements

  • Fixed issue with compliance standards not showing any new standards after 25 were created

  • Fixed issue where policies would erroneously self-repair

  • Fixed issue where policies app wouldn't navigate to the policies app after initial generation of templates

  • Fixed issue with missing property in the policy builder config

  • Reduced bundle size and improved web app performance (page load times)

  • Updated area charts to new UI and resolved various bugs with them

  • Fixed an issue where setting the default app for a user would not take effect as expected


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