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2020.57 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Updated Table widget in Insights app to match the styling of query results table from Landing.

  • Added new Graph widget in Insights app.

  • Added the ability to add a query result (either table or graph view) to an Insights dashboard directly from the Landing page.


  • Added a visual indicator -- public chip -- to Insights dashboards that have been shared via a link.

  • New compliance review workflow feature is released in beta! This feature works as such:

    • It allows an admin to go into the Compliance and assign certain J1 users as “owners” over a compliance requirement.
    • They can then select a frequency at which owners are required to review the evidence and compliance status for the assigned requirements.
    • Assigned owners will get notified by email when reviews are due.

Contact us if you would like to participate in the beta program.

  • Added support for per record action in alert rules (beta).

Contact us if you would like to participate in the beta.

  • Added support to tag an S3 bucket as an alert rule action. This must be configured via the Advanced Rule Editor.



  • Fixed error creating device User entity & relationship when the device does not have an associated user
  • Fixed error creating duplicate device User


  • Added loggingEnabled property on database entities
  • Added azure_policy_assignment entities
  • Added ANY_SCOPE|has|azure_policy_assignment relationships
  • Improved error handling and reporting ​

With Azure policy assignments ingested, Azure CIS Benchmarks 2.3 - 2.15 will soon be added as managed queries and mapped in the Compliance app. ​​


  • Changed cloudflare_account_role|assigned|member to cloudflare_account_member|assigned|role


  • Improved handling of some Detectify API errors
  • Split work of fetching scans and reports to improve error handling


  • Deduplicate gitlab_project_has_user relationships ​

Google Workspaces

  • Google user department, division, location properties are now transferred to the Person entity


  • Okta user department, division properties are now transferred to the Person entity


  • Agent to Device entity relationship mapping now supports matching by computerName -> hostname, displayName -> displayName


  • Updated rate limit settings to better handle larger accounts
  • Updated docs to include note about private Slack channel message delivery
  • Added active property to slack_user

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvements of integration jobs
  • Fixed an issue where adding a period in a string field for a property would cause unexpected behavior
  • Fixed an issue where creating a tag in the UI would create two tags
  • Fixed issues related to currency formatting in Insights widgets
  • Fixed an issue where Jira Collector was not allowing users to input data
  • Fixed an issue where Vulnerabilities marked as an Exception were not showing up in the “Show Exceptions” view
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a Vulnerability redirected the user to the Alerts page

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