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2020.60 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • New version of the Policies app is being rolled out across accounts. This does not have much functional change, but behind the scenes it is a major overhaul with significant improvements on performance, usability and maintainability! This will allows us to add popular feature requests in the very near future such as text search across all policy/procedure documents.

  • Beta version of the shiny new Visual Query Builder! This allows you to build J1QL queries by drag-n-drop and with guided directions. No coding or querying knowledge required!

    Visual Query Builder

    The Visual Query Builder is enabled for all accounts. To start using this feature, just click the button in the search bar in Landing.


  • New J1QL query execution engine! Currently available as a public beta, the new J1QL execution engine is on average 2-3x faster for queries with traversals or aggregates!

This is enabled for all accounts as a user-selectable option. To enable, simply check the corresponding box below the search bar in Landing.


Please note currently queries via the API still use the legacy execution engine. We are rolling out this new engine across all accounts by EOY. This will be seamlessly deployed and all interfaces including UI and API will switch over. You can experience the power of this improvement sooner via this UI toggle.

  • Our integrations list continue to grow and it's getting a little hard to find the specific one on the page, so we added the ability to filter the integrations list by class/category.

  • Added support for weekly alert digest emails.


Integration SDK

  • Increased concurrency on integration data uploads.
  • Implemented retry logic around integration data uploads.
  • Captured unhandledRejection and multipleResolves silent failures in integrations.
  • Significant performance improvements.


  • This integration requires two distinct access tokens. Fixed an issue where the pipeline access token was not being validated for this integration, causing UNEXPECTED_ERROR in the fetch-pipeline-sources step.

Google Cloud

  • Added roles/iam.roleViewer as a required role in developer documentation. This role includes the resourcemanager.projects.get permission, which is required to access the /v1/projects/{projectId} endpoint.
  • Improved JupiterOne Google Cloud organization script to walk all folders in an organization.
  • Improved job log messaging when /v1/projects/{projectId} request responds with 403:FORBIDDEN. Previously, the job log simply stated "The caller does not have permission".


  • Added early rate limiting of the Okta client. Previously, the client continued to make API calls until it received a 429 (exhausting all of the client's rate limit), then waited to retry based on response headers. Now, the client will accept a minimumRateLimitRemaining argument (default=5). When the client hits the minimumRateLimitRemaining value, it will wait to send the next request based on response headers.


  • Limit processing to hosts scanned up to the start time of the current execution. This helps to avoid an overlap between executions.
  • Fixed issue where configuration validation failed to log some details for invalid configuration.
  • Fixed issue where responses with large bodies would hang the program.
  • Fixed error os.toLowerCase is not a function when processing host details.
  • Added additional Qualys API response error handling.

Tenable Cloud

  • Fixed issue with retry 504 responses

Community Projects

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI issue with inconsistent integration job container width.

  • Fixed a UI issue with integration setup instructions scrolls the entire page instead of the contents in the instructions panel itself.

  • Fixed an issue where a user would encounter a 401 error after leaving their window open for extended periods of time and returning to the app.

  • Fixed an issue with usage limits in the Compliance app.

  • Fixed an issue related to bulk jobs timing out in the UI.

  • Fixed a UI issue where the Y axis on the account usage would be clipped if the value was bigger than 5 digits.


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