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2021.64 Release

  • Updated


New Features

  • Added additional compliance review periods (Bi-Monthly and Semi-Annually).

  • Developed a sample dataset for use in a sandbox account for new J1 users to learn and experiement with.


SDK and Pipeline

  • Made various backend performance improvements to the data ingestion speed and persister pipeline


  • Added objectOwnership property to S3 bucket entities from S3 OwnershipControlsRules
  • Set default objectOwnership to "ObjectWriter" on S3 buckets
  • Added EKS Node Groups ingestion that creates aws_eks_node_group entities and aws_eks_cluster_has_node_group relationships
  • Populated nameservers property on aws_route53_domain entities
  • Fixed error handling to expose meaningful AuthorizationError to users


  • Support for ingesting Diagnostic Settings entities and relationships:

    • Azure Container Registry
    • Azure API Management Services
    • Azure CDN
    • Azure Event Grid Domain and Azure Event Grid Topics
    • Azure Batch Account


  • Added the supervisor property to support mapping employee entities to managers
  • Added some grace to namespace configuration to allow for and as well as jupiterone
  • Fixed authentication validation check that failed when there is no employee 0

Google Cloud

  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    Cloud SQL google_cloud_sql_mysql_instance
    BigQuery google_cloud_big_query_dataset
    Compute google_compute_project
    DNS google_dns_managed_zone

  • New properties added to various existing resources for CIS benchmarks:

    Service Resource / Entity Properties
    Compute google_compute_disk isCustomerSuppliedKeysEncrypted
    google_compute_instance usesDefaultServiceAccount
    Networking google_compute_subnetwork flowLogsEnabled
    google_compute_network IPv4Range
    KMS google_kms_crypto_key public

Google Workspaces

  • Fix execution timeouts for some larger Google Workspaces accounts

  • Update the following properties on google_user entities:

    • Updated active to true when the user is not suspended and not archived and agreed to terms
    • Updated mfaEnabled to true when user is enrolled in 2SV (removed check for isEnforcedIn2Sv)
    • Removed thumbnailPhotoEtag since it is not a useful property to index/query on
    • Added normalized timestamp properties: admin, createdOn, deletedOn, and lastLoginOn
    • Set employeeType from employeeInfo.description, which corresponds to "Type of Employee" in the Google Admin UI under "Employee Information" section


  • Fixed failure to handle Jamf hosts such as


  • Adjusted pagination settings for host details fetching to address frequent connection errors


  • Fixed execution timeout by migrating integration to latest SDK and runtime environment


  • Changed displayName of slack_user to use display_name or real_name or name, fallback to id only when those are undefined.
  • Changed username property to use value from instead of
  • Added userId property using value from
  • Added admin boolean property to slack_user, as it is a normalized property on the User class entity.
  • Added normalized boolean properties active, archived, public, private to the slack_channel entity.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Landing page performance when the query results contain large data sets
  • UX improvement to increased pagination limit for the Users and Access modal
  • Disabled edit/delete of an entity from the Alerts view when the entity data is historic
  • Fixed an issue with vulnerability findings sorting
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by severity in the alert rules table
  • Fixed an issue with the alert rules edit modal that caused it to not reset on close
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a url of a deleted insights board caused nothing to render
  • Fixed a UI alignment issue in the Settings menu
  • Added invalid characters check to policy/procedure id input

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