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2021.65 Release

  • Updated


Exciting new look and feel matching our redesigned branding and color scheme. Lots of integration related work, performance improvements, UI/UX updates, and bug fixes in additional to the rebranding.



  • Set numericSeverity on aws_ecr_image_scan_finding based on severity string.

  • Set open: true on aws_ecr_image_scan_finding entities.

  • Set webLink on aws_ecr_image_scan_finding to point to NVD website if the finding is a CVE.

  • Updated fullName on aws_ecr_image entities to use digest when a tag is not defined.

  • Built mapped relationships between any Host, Function, or Container that uses an aws_ecr_image.

  • Captured the following properties to aws_lambda_function entities:

    codeRepoType, codeLocation, codeImageUri (with containerImages as an alias), codeResolvedImageUri, concurrency, layers, packageType, and efsArns.

This change requires an additional Lambda.GetFunction IAM permission.

  • Built aws_lambda_function_uses_layer mapped relationships.

  • Added fqdn to aws_efs_file_system entity.


  • Added support for Diagnostic Settings:

    • Network Load Balancers
    • Network Public IP Addresses
    • Network Virtual Networks
    • Network Firewalls
  • Fixed Virtual Networks step failures when Network Security Groups step could not access some data.


  • Added createdOn and updatedOn to bitbucket_repo entities.
  • Fixed 404 error fetching details of a deleted repository.


  • Initial release of Checkmarx integration (beta)! 🎉

Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.


  • Added createdOn and updatedOn to github_repo entities.
  • Fixed createAt, renamed to createdAt.

Google Cloud

  • Added a number of managed questions to support CIS Benchmarks, more on the way! A few examples:

    • Are there Cloud KMS crypto keys that are publicly accessible?
    • Are Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) enabled for Cloud DNS?
    • Are my key-signing keys used in Cloud DNS DNSSEC using an insecure algorithm?
    • Are my zone-signing keys used in Cloud DNS DNSSEC using an insecure algorithm?
    • Are any of my Google Compute instances using the default service account with full access to all cloud APIs?

See them all in the J1 Questions Library.

  • Added support for --skip-project-id-regex in the jupiterone-organization-setup CLI.

  • Added ingestion of the following new resources:

    Service Resource / Entity
    Logging google_logging_metric
    Networking google_compute_health_check
    Compute google_compute_project
    GKE * google_container_cluster

* GKE - Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Added new properties to various existing Storage resources:

    Service Resource / Entity Properties
    Storage google_storage_bucket retentionPolicyEnabled
    KMS google_kms_crypto_key public

  • Fixed fetch-compute-project step failure when the service account used to execute the integration does not have the compute.projects.get permission.


  • Migrated integration to latest SDK and infrastructure for more reliable execution.
  • Added jumpcloud_account HAS jumpcloud_group relationship.
  • Fixed paginatation of group members.

Microsoft 365

  • Initial release of Microsoft 365 integration (beta)! 🎉

Check out the docs for details on what's currently supported.


  • Host Finding.targets has been adjusted to include only [detection.HOST.IP, assetHost.fqdn, assetHost.ec2InstanceArn]; only fqdn and ec2InstanceArn will be used for mapping to the Host entity.

  • Host Finding entities now have properties fqdn, ec2InstanceArn, used to map the Finding to the Host entities, which may be owned by other integrations (such as AWS).


  • Fixed client pagination logic that prevented ingestion of some vulnerabilities.


  • Fixed offsite authorization flow redirect URL to use subdomain instead of the account UUID.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Groups tab in User & Access view loads more users in the list as with rolling (in sets of 20).
  • Greatly improved the performance of Table Query Results across the app.
  • Improved Policy and Procedure metadata fields UX.
  • Fixed the size of the home icon in the Insights dashboard drawer.
  • Fixed a bug where query input on Landing page becomes less responsive after several queries were run.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the compliance neckbar had a scroll bar under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with invalid character validation of the ID when editing a policy/procedure in the Policies app.
  • Fixed an issue where the Compliance app may fail to load under certain circumstances for new accounts.

Community Projects

  • Added more sample Insights dashboards:

  • Open sourced a new tool peril from JupiterOne Security Team:

    Peril is a standalone CLI tool intended to analyze the overall risk profile for the currently-checked-out branch of a code repository. It will draw risk information from a configurable list of sources, including JupiterOne, before calculating and rendering an overall risk verdict for the code.

We use peril internally at JupiterOne as part of our appsec and secure CI/CD process.

Get it here:


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