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2021.84 Release

November 19, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Launched "Cisco Secure Cloud Insights with JupiterOne". This joint product helps Cisco customers achieve a higher level of maturity with their digital transformation and security program. Read more about Secure Cloud Insights with JupiterOne in our blog post.

  • Added a GDPR standard/framework example to Compliance that you can reference to better understand how to configure your own compliance framework/standard aligned with this EU privacy regulation.

  • Added the GCP compute dashboard in Insights, which reveals important information about GCP Compute and Project configurations.

  • Added the GCP IAM dashboard in Insights, which provides visibility into your GCP IAM users, roles, service accounts, and privileged access information.

  • Added the Azure DataStore Security dashboard in Insights, which provides you the ability to see Azure container resources, encryption settings, and logging options set on containers.

  • Added the Azure Resources dashboard in Insights, which provides visibility into Azure resources covering encryption settings, guest access, and resource access to key vaults.

  • Added enhancements to the existing templated dashboards AWS accounts, AWS IAM, and Network Security (formally named Firewall).

  • Improved query responsiveness for shorter queries, resulting in a reduced time to view your results.

  • Renamed the Landing app Search to better align with how you use the feature to search for and answer questions about your assets.

  • Added the ability to copy values from the asset information side panel to the clipboard.



  • Added support for extension_attributes on the user_endpoint asset (computer). An extension attribute appears as the property extensionAttribute.<id#>, with a value equal to the array of values of the JAMF extension attribute.


  • Added support for ingesting the following new entity:
Resources Entity _type Entity _class
Application jumpcloud_application Application

  • Added support for ingesting the following new relationships:
Source Entity _type Relationship _class Target Entity _type
jumpcloud_account HAS jumpcloud_application
jumpcloud_user ASSIGNED jumpcloud_application
jumpcloud_group ASSIGNED jumpcloud_application

Fixes and Resolutions

  • Deprecated MySecurity. We will remove this beta feature in December 2021. In 2022, we expect to launch an improved version to guide you on which actions you own and need to take to improve your security posture.

  • Fixed an issue where Problems would not appear on an asset in the graph viewer unless the query had return Tree in it.


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