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2021.85 Release

December 3, 2021



  • Added a new permission to the JupiterOne GitHub app to ensure that pull requests from private repositories are ingested correctly. You must grant the Read-only permission for Issues if you want to ingest pull requests from private repositories. GitHub automatically sends an email to your GitHub Admin requesting this access.

  • Improved token refresh logic to ensure that tokens are refreshed regularly.

  • Made improvements to ensure that timeouts and other issues do not occur when importing large datasets.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when GitHub environments with the same name and secrets with the same name caused the creation of duplicate keys.

Google Cloud

  • google_iam_binding_allows_resource mapped relationships are now created with an ALLOWS class instead of HAS.


  • Added support for ingesting the following new resources:
Resources Entity _type Entity _class
KnowBe4 Phishing Security Test Results knowbe4_phishing_security_test_result Record

  • Added support for ingesting the following new relationships:
Source Entity '_type' Relationship _class Target Entity _type
knowbe4_phishing_security_test CONTAINS knowbe4_phishing_security_test_result
knowbe4_user HAS knowbe4_phishing_security_test_result


  • Finding -> discovered_host mapping now uses the actual qualysAssetId for the target asset instead of qWebHostId,
    which caused mappings to not be created properly.

  • Changed the qualysHostId property name on the discovered_host target asset to qualysQWebHostId to more accurately represent which value is being used.

  • Fixed a failure to properly map Service - SCANS -> Host relationships. The mapping target entity value for discovered_host.qualysAssetId must match the Finding.hostId so that Service - SCANS -> Host and Finding <- HAS - Host relationships connect to the same host assets.


  • Released version 1.1 of the Splunk Add-on for JupiterOne and the Splunk App for JupiterOne

  • Added the ability to optionally import entities and properties associated with a JupiterOne alert into Splunk

  • Added a link from Splunk back to the alert in JupiterOne

  • Additional details on the Splunk Marketplace for the Add-on and App

Fixes and Resolutions

  • Fixed the button layout in the graph viewer so that the buttons do not cover the filters.

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