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2022-JAN-13 Release

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January 13, 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • There is a new login experience and new look-and-feel for the search page.

  • For previously created account API tokens, the details for those APIs are now viewable.

Fixes and Resolutions

  • Release notes have moved to a new naming convention. Instead of aligning with our internal sprint numbers, we are now using the actual date.



  • Added a new integration for Addigy
  • Ingests the following entities:
Resource Entity _type Entity _class
Addigy Device addigy_hostagent HostAgent
Addigy Policy addigy_policy Policy
Addigy User addigy_user User

  • Creates the following relationships:
Source Entity _type Relationship _class Target Entity _type
addigy_hostagent HAS addigy_policy
addigy_policy CONTAINS addigy_policy
addigy_user HAS addigy_policy

  • Creates the following mapped relationship:
Source Entity _type Relationship _class Target Entity _type Direction
addigy_hostagent PROTECTS *user_endpoint* FORWARD

Google Workspace

  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate _key values for google_mobile_device assets.


  • Improved the retry logic to ensure successful completion when 500 errors are occasionally returned.
  • Improved error messaging so that you know when a 403 error has resulted from a permissions issue that you can resolve yourself.


  • Improved how firewall assets are populated.


  • Added a new active Boolean property to the github_user asset.


  • Changed the qualysAssetId asset to use the Asset ID class,
  • Added the qualysQWebHostId property to the discovered_host asset.

Coming Soon

  • Compliance Version 2.0: Major updates to the J1 Compliance app are in progress, and are planned for release in the coming weeks. This new version includes the centralization and reusability of controls, a new look-and-feel, and improved navigation within the app.

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